Africa sunset

Listen closely, Cub.

For I am not here long. Ignore what the dogs may say, Africa has always been ours. From the moment man stepped out of the jungles, we have fought to keep them safe.

As they built their great monuments, we were among them. As they chained one another and sifted their talons through the entrails of the land, we kept to our duties. As they fought for distant kingdoms, for cross, star and prophet, and even as they pierced the land and bathed in it’s blood, we have been here, watching.

Soon it will be your turn, to take up the mantle you were born to, to face the horrors that sleep in our mists, to keep your side of an ancient bargain struck with the land itself… and hardest of all, to face what comes under the light of a blood red star.

Only, as the world unravels, as legends of the past become the monsters of the present and the world spirals ever onward… you may yet make a difference.

Welcome the the Dark Continent. Scarred by the exploitation of it’s resources, the tyranny of powerful warlords (human and not) and the millenia-old betrayals and hatreds of Gaia’s disparate warriors, Africa has been a war zone for most of remembered history. Out of trial and sacrifice has emerged a new paradigm – The Ahadi, an alliance of changing breeds that seeks to band together, their historic cooperation offering a gleaming sliver of hope that they might help to avert the coming apocalypse…

A game set in the Old World of Darkness, using updated NWOD rulesets and extensive houserules and adaptations, Tears of Africa is an epic campaign frought with political struggle, supernatural horror, and the chance to overcome prejudices as old as the land itself for a better future.


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Changing Breeds

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Tears of Africa: A Chronicle of the Dark Continent

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